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🏹 Your Guide to Sagittarius New Moon

There are some New Moons that prompt us to go inward, to reflect deeply, like a watery Moon in Scorpio.

There are others that spark creativity and the urge to be social, like chatty Gemini.

Then we have those that make you want to go and clean out your garage or closet that’s overflowing with stuff you no longer need, like the organizing, practical Virgo Moon.

And then we have a Moon like the one today in fiery Sagittarius, who does not see or comprehend any limitations to what’s possible. Like it’s symbol, with the bow and arrow, it points to a target and goes for it!

It’s a little tricky, this New Moon, because the energy might give you a fire in your belly to go after something new, but tomorrow we head into a period of Mercury Retrograde that really isn’t about starting something new, but instead pressing that big red PAUSE button in your life and taking some time to review, reflect, reconsider, and reset what’s working and what isn’t.

You can think of this New Moon in Sagittarius like a cosmic kickstarter for your dreams!


Well, like any project you undertake, most of us approach it with some sort of at least a loose plan, right?

If you’re going to paint a room, even if you choose not to remove all the furniture from the space, you’re going to move the furniture away from the walls, cover it with plastic, assemble your tools, decide your paint color of choice, etc.

Get the picture?

There’s a planning process, gathering of tools, and some visioning that takes place.

That’s what you can do with this energy.

Think of it as your cosmic permission slip to dream big and leap into the unknown.

We’ll explore this inspirational New Moon energy as part of our upcoming “Nurture Your Inner Sanctuary: Winter Solstice Rituals for Spiritual Growth.”


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With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas

Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP, Evolutionary Astrologer, Author and Soulful Life Sherpa™
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