Co-Create Your Dream Life

Embark on an Adventure of Personal Fulfillment + Connection

So, here you are. It’s the beginning of a new year and like most of us, you’re not only reflecting on 2023, but on your life as a whole. Am I right?

You’ve achieved a level of success in life, and in your career or business. But deep down, you know something’s missing. That inner voice is whispering, “There’s more to life than this.” 

That quest for fulfillment, for a life infused with passion and purpose, has brought you here. You’re ready for more — more joy, more alignment, more meaning.

Like a compass seeking true north, you’re drawn to the stars for guidance.

“Visionary Voyage: Co-Create Your Dream Life” is your gateway to clarity and transformation.

Here, astrology isn’t just a guide; it’s a powerful ally in manifesting your deepest aspirations.

But where do you begin? How do you sift through the noise of daily life to hear the whispers of your soul? How do you harness the wisdom of the stars to guide you to your destiny?

Let me be your guide on your journey to craft your vision and step boldly into the life you desire.


>>LIVE Interactive Virtual Vision Board Planning Retreat<<



>> 1-Year Support Program <<

Not just for one day – Support all year long!

Imagine a life where every decision you make is infused with purpose and passion.

A life where you’re not just successful, but deeply fulfilled.

That’s what Visionary Voyage is all about—helping you tap into your subconscious desires to manifest the life you’re meant to live.

Through our program, you’ll transform your mindset, elevate your aspirations, and align your actions with the rhythm of the Universe.


This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced


That’s a bold statement, I know.

But I’m pretty confident that you’ve never experienced an event that:

Guided you in infusing your Vision Board with the insights for the coming year – gleaned from your own Astrological Birth Chart;

Clearly highlighted where to focus your energy in 2024 for the greatest level of satisfaction and fulfillment – through the lens of two personal astrological transits that speak to your “North Star” for the year and another that highlights which area of your life is up for expansion, growth and success; and

Included monthly LIVE gatherings and a host of tools to support you in staying on track to your dreams – so you stay inspired and connected to your aspirations and intentions AND sustain your momentum and your clarity of direction, from now through the end of 2024.

This isn’t just about making a vision board; it’s about crafting a life that resonates with the core of who you are.

Embark on a Continuous Journey of Transformation

“Visionary Voyage: Co-Create Your Dream Life – with the Magic of Vision Boards” is where you’ll start your journey – it’s your first step into a world where personal growth and fulfillment are not just aspirations, but a new reality that’s shaped every day, step by step.

When you join us, you’re not signing up for a single event. You’re unlocking the door to an ongoing experience of self-discovery and community support.

Then, your membership in the Thriving Circle is designed to help sustain your momentum, offering monthly gatherings that foster continuous learning, growth, and accountability.

Become a Part of the Thriving Circle

As a member of the Thriving Circle, your journey through life’s infinite choices and possibilities becomes a shared adventure. Each month, we gather in our virtual meeting space to:

• Pause and reflect on our progress and recalibrate our vision
• Explore the current lunar influences, the nuances of astrology and how we can use them to guide our decisions and actions – so we can work *with* the energies and have more ease and flow in our life
• Share triumphs and challenges, fostering a supportive network of like-minded spirits
• Receive exclusive insights, resources, and inspiration to keep us aligned with our goals

This isn’t something you join and then forget about; it’s an investment in your perpetual evolution.

The “Visionary Voyage Vision Board” workshop is your launchpad, and the Thriving Circle is your vessel for the voyage ahead.

Together, we’ll navigate the seas of change, harness the winds of opportunity, and sail towards our dreams.



Your personal growth;

The lessons you’ve learned;

Your “WINS”.


Define and declare – what you want to create or bring into your world in 2024;


With a vision that’s aligned with your values and nurtures your Spirit.




Through the power of visualization; and

The creation of your vision board.


Discover how to stay focused and motivated;

Co-Create it with the Universe;

Observe the magic in action in your life.

You’ll discover the power – of a well-planned vision board;

How to create your own – and use it to focus your efforts in all areas of your life and career or business; and


How to avoid the most common vision board mistakes – so they don’t hold you back.


Leave the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for 2024!


…THEN take real, actionable steps in manifesting them.

Did you know that moments of true transformation are rare?

That’s why Visionary Voyage is not just another workshop – it’s a gateway to a life of fulfillment.

But here’s the thing: space is limited. We believe in creating a community that fosters intimate, focused energy, and sharing which means only a select number of spots are available for those ready to embark on this journey.

This is your chance to be one of the few who will start the transformation before the doors close.

Don’t let this ship sail without you.

Remember, once the spots are filled, the opportunity vanishes until next year.


Visionary Voyage: Co-Create Your Dream Life – with the Magic of Vision Boards Retreat

  • Virtual Vision Board Planning Retreat – January 13th 10am-1pm PT / 1-4pm ET
  • Crafting Your Vision Board Online Course with: Images, Templates, Tips, Checklist
  • Guidance for using Feng Shui for more abundance + fulfillment
  • Discover Your emPOWERMENT Word of the Year: Quiz + Workbook
  • 2024 Vision Clarity Workbook


  • Personalized Astrological Chart + Welcome Guide
  • Step-by-Step guidance and all the tools you need to create your magical vision board
  • Audio/Video Download MP3/MP4 of the entire event to download and listen to review and refresh


I don’t want this to be an event you attend, and then promptly forget what you learned for the rest of the year. You’ll also receive ongoing support from me every month as part of our Thriving Circle.

Thriving Circle Membership

  • One year of ongoing support and guidance to help keep you inspired and on track to your goals and intentions
  • Exclusive Access to Private Thriving Circle Community
  • LIVE monthly Q&A Astro-Coaching Calls
  • Monthly New & Full Moon Lunar Guide + Journals (17 pages+/- each)
  • Access to monthly event recordings in both .MP3 + MP4 format
  • Weekly Lunar + Astrological updates
  • Exclusive downloadable resources + workbooks
  • Special quarterly check-in events at the Solstices and Equinoxes (including our Spring Clean and Summer Bucket List)


Enroll at the annual rate and receive a 30-minute One-On-One Astrological Insight Session To Map Out Your Year Ahead  ($112 VALUE)


“Helped me frame my life in terms of what’s really important to me.”

“Helped me frame my life in terms of what’s really important to me. That framework will be an excellent guide for me to flourish.”

Thalia P.

Owner, Organized Beautifully

“I felt so much love and support…”

“I felt so much love and support as I dug deep within myself and unflinchingly examine all areas of my life.”

Ariana Krieger

“I had insights during the Retreat..that was exciting!”

“I felt motivated and more prepared for the year ahead. I had insights during the Retreat..that was exciting!”

Rhonda Savino


“It feels like I’m turning a corner and won’t go back to the old unhappy way of life.”

[I’m] beginning to recognize my gifts and how important I am. It feels like I’m turning a corner and won’t go back to the old unhappy way of life…it is a very good way of finding your joy. The process helps you to figure things out and be more of who you really are.

Brenda Siemering

Owner, Pip and Willys

“enlightenment and clarity”

Working with Debra has made a positive impact in my life. The unique methods used in her coaching sessions, brings enlightenment and clarity.

Sabrina Elise Bray

“…has helped me find courage, knowledge and skills to move my business forward.”

Debra is committed and passionate about what she does and has helped me find courage, knowledge and skills to move my business forward… I would recommend Debra highly.

Janet McGregor

Owner, Yoga with Janet

Enrollment closes in...









Each of us has unique needs and goals. To ensure that “Visionary Voyage” aligns with your personal journey, we offer two tailored membership tiers PLUS an Early-Bird Annual Special (limited time and spots available). Whether you’re dipping your toes or diving deep into the waters of self-discovery, there’s a perfect fit for you.

P.S. This program is backed by my 100% guarantee

Dive into the program, explore the bonuses, and connect with the community. If you don’t feel a shift towards greater clarity and purpose, or you feel I don’t deliver on what I promised, simply reach out within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Your journey to fulfillment is risk-free.

My Kindred Spirit, the time to step into your power is now

Begin your transformative journey with “Visionary Voyage: Co-Create Your Dream Life – with the Magic of Vision Boards.” This isn’t just a one-day workshop retreat; it’s the key to unlocking your deepest desires and manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Click below to enroll now and take the first step towards aligning with your true purpose.

Your vision board is the canvas…

your Soul’s calling is the masterpiece.

Last Chance – Claim Your Spot Before It’s Too Late


Will I actually get to learn directly from Debra?

Yes! You will get to learn directly from Debra through exclusive LIVE sessions that will not be available via any other formats nor to any other markets.

Will the sessions with Debra be recorded?

Yes. If you aren’t able to join us LIVE for a session because of a conflict in your schedule, you can listen and watch later at your convenience. All sessions are recorded and posted in your member portal shortly after each event. You can watch them anytime at your convenience, as often as you like.

How much time will it require each month?

There is usually one monthly LIVE broadcast which, on average, is approximately 90 minutes. Beyond those, you can spend as little or as much time as you like. It’s up to you! You can spend time each month checking out the new monthly meditations, affirmations and courses – all of which are optional. OR you can just drop-in whenever you’re in need of inspiration and encouragement.

This is your final boarding call for “Visionary Voyage.”

If you’re ready to claim the life that’s written in the stars for you, now is the moment. Only a handful of spots are available, and the Astrological Insight Session bonus will go quickly.

Click below to enroll before the stars align for someone else. Remember, the gifts from the Universe are abundant, but this opportunity is not. 😁

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and click with conviction.

Your dream life is on the horizon, and it’s time to sail towards it.


LIVE interactive Virtual Vision Board Planning Retreat and membership in our Thriving Circle Community included – with monthly guidance and group community webinars to support you in staying focused and on track with co-creating your dream life


To join me on a journey to Co-Create Your Dream Life along with our Thriving Circle Community.

My clients have coined me the Soul Sherpa(TM) and I am here to support you in crafting your life – consciously.

What do I mean by that? It means being so incredibly clear about what lights you up, what grounds you, and what you absolutely MUST have in your life in order to experience the level of happiness that you desire, every day.

That’s a conscious practice; an intention followed by action that is in alignment with your Soul.

I weave my 25+ years as a Coach, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner, with a dash of Evolutionary Astrology to provide real tangible, spiritual and practical tools to support you in co-creating your dream life.

The Thriving Circle is an international community of wisdom seekers, passionate about creating a deeper connection to their SELF – and creating a life they love in the process!


* Where and in what ways you can expand or explore more deeply – for more fulfillment and ease in your life;

* What needs to be nurtured in your life – so that you feel grounded, connected and supported; and

* What structures are needed – to support your personal and spiritual growth.


Spend 90 minutes each month masterminding with me and other Thriving Circle Members.

– Learn how to leverage the evolving monthly energies of the cosmos – so you can live more in “flow” with life.

– Guided visualizations and meditations (that you can download and keep)!


Every month we have a special theme with resources and a LIVE mastermind call built around that theme to keep things fresh and suited to the chosen content.

CAN’T ATTEND LIVE? No problem! As a member, the recordings will be available to watch or listen to in both video .MP4 and audio .MP3’s from your membership dashboard.


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