When Faucets Go Wild 💦
Mercury Retrograde Warning in Action! 💫

This morning I went to fill my glass with water, and the handle for our RO faucet literally broke off in my hand (followed by my screams as water sprayed everywhere!).

It was an early wake-up call for my husband who was still asleep. 😀

But it was also a wake-up call of sorts for me that something is around the corner.

Can you guess?

Yup, Mercury Retrograde is coming!

This faucet of ours has been acting a little “funky”, sputtering air and water at us sporadically for a while now. We’ve been talking about having it checked.

Well, now’s the time!

If you have anything you’ve been meaning to fix, get checked or that’s been acting a little weird (“what IS that funny clicking sound?”), now’s your chance to take action before the retrograde hits.

Mercury Retrograde tends to send a lot of people into a state of panic or wanting to run for the covers until it’s all over.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

The beauty of astrology is that if you pay attention, it gives you insights, warnings, and messages so that you can be prepared; take proactive actions instead of being taken by surprise.

You can work WITH the energy.

Mercury is best known for causing hiccups in communication, technology or anything mechanical. If it’s going to break, it will most likely break during around the time of Mercury Retrograde.

That’s the low side of the energy.

The Upside of the energy, its sweet spot, is working with its invitation to review, reflect, reset, revise, and re-imagine your life!

It isn’t the best and easiest time to start something new – not that you can’t, just add in lots of extra time and be prepared to double-check and triple-check everything you prepare, write or send out (and maybe even consider hesitating before you speak!).

“So, tell me when this starts and ends!” I can hear you say.

Mercury goes retrograde for most of us on August 23rd and will go direct on September 15th, with the shadow period a few days before and after as it slows to change direction.

Life will be a little easier for you during these times if you use these energetic shifts as an excuse (if you need one!), to slow down. And who among us couldn’t use a little more of that?!

With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas

Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP, Evolutionary Astrologer, Author and Soulful Life Sherpa™
“Manifest a life of purpose and fulfillment alongside a community of empowered women – with astrology (and me!) as your guide!”


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