How to walk the tightrope of life with Saturn in Pisces 🪐

“Why did I ever agree to do this?!” I heard myself utter out loud – quite loudly, I might add!!!

There I was, teetering over the edge of a river canyon, which felt like a mile below me.

Seemed like a fun idea at the time I signed up for the Superman & Canyon Zipline excursion, from the comfort of my home computer!

“Superman”. That should have been my clue, right?! But one I figured was exaggerated.

But there in that moment, not so much.

Yes, I was tethered to a cable with a holster around my hips. And yes, I had a cable to hang on to.

But as my feet moved inches, one at a time, across the cable beneath them, none of that was all too comforting! Lol

On March 7, 2023, the planet Saturn moved into the sign of Pisces, where it will stay for about the next 2 ½ years.

Saturn represents limitations, responsibilities, hard work, and discipline. With Pisces, it enters a sign that is associated with empathy, intuition, creativity, and spiritual development.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which represents growth, expansion, and higher learning.

Put all those energies together and this transit can be likened to me on that tightrope, where I needed to balance discipline, focus and creative visualization to keep me moving forward across that high wire.

On one hand, I had to stay focused. I absolutely did not look down at any point other than to make sure my feet were moving across the cable.

I only allowed myself to periodically glance to the other side to check how much further I had to go to get to the other side (which seemed to take FOREVER).

Oh, and I kept reminding myself to breathe!!!

Those were the rules I set for myself in order to maintain my composure, my sense of balance and to avoid falling.

On the other hand, I had to be flexible, intuitive, and creative in responding to any unexpected challenges (like the movement from the cable as my husband joined me in walking across), changes in the wind, and shifting perspectives, and the photographer on the other side yelling to me “Okay, wave to the camera!” To which I yelled back “Are you crazy?!”

I had to be attuned to my body, my environment, and my inner voice, in order to find the right balance between control and movement forward.

Similarly, during this transit, you may find you need to balance your need for structure and practicality with your desire for spiritual growth, empathy, and intuition. You may need to find a way to stay grounded and disciplined while also remaining open to new possibilities and ways of seeing the world.

Just like me on that tightrope, you can use your inner wisdom, creativity, and discipline to navigate this transit with grace and purpose.

With the influence of Pisces, this transit can be a period of deep spiritual growth, where you learn to confront your fears, overcome your perceived limitations, and tap into your inner wisdom.

It can also lead to a renewed sense of purpose and meaning, as you reflect on your values and goals and commit to taking practical steps towards achieving them.

So how about you? In what ways are you ready to stretch outside your personal boundaries of what you think you are capable of?

What practical steps can you take to move closer towards your long-term goals, even if they seem challenging or intimidating?

How can you balance perhaps your need for safety or structure with your desire for creative expression and spiritual and personal growth?

The process I created for myself – the one that encouraged me to get this experience off of my Bucket List and into my reality – is what you’ll find inside the BRAND NEW Monthly Vision & Focus Planner.

Overall, the transit of Saturn into Pisces can be a time of both challenge and growth, as we navigate the tension between discipline and creativity, practicality and intuition, and limitation and expansion.

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Create some vision and focus in your life.

With good energy,

Debra Wilson Guttas

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