Grateful Heart Journey 2023

Come Home to YOU – to your inner BE-ing


A journey to embody gratitude via inner journal reflection and colorful Mandala process

* Reconnect with that inner harmony and balance that is WITHIN you.

* Experience deeper, more meaningful relationships.

* Embody genuine happiness and enthusiasm.

* Reclaim what it is that gives your life JOY.

* Expand in gratefulness in a whole new way!

In just 7 days, you can EMBODY gratitude…

at a deep, Soul level

This 7-day journey will guide you through:

🧘‍♀️ LIVE Grateful Heart Ritual & Meditation November 11th - We'll kick off with a rejuvenating session, setting the stage for your transformation. It's like planting the seeds of gratitude in the fertile soil of your heart

📔 Daily Gratitude Prompts to reflect and record in your Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal (INCLUDED) - Our daily reflection journal prompts will help you reframe your perspective, and increase both your gratefulness and sense of happiness

🌟 One simple daily action - FUN AND SIMPLE daily actions are like tender care for your inner Soul, helping you embody gratitude at a deep, Soul level

🖍️ Mandala Coloring - It's an additional way of celebrating your newfound awareness - and all the abundance in your life

Everything is accessible through our private online portal.

PS: When you enroll, you’ll automatically get access to the recording, so you can still watch even if you can’t join us live; however, you’ll want to be present for the individual attention and surprise GIFT!

Each day of the 7-Day Grateful Heart Journey has three parts:

1) A daily prompt for you to reflect on and record your thoughts in your Grateful Heart Journal (included);


2) A daily Gratitude Embodiment action of some sort; and


3) A Mandala of your choice to celebrate and record your progress.

Do one step, or all three.

The choice is yours.

Make the journey process work for YOU.

This journey was designed to give you an excuse to take some time to PAUSE.


It isn’t meant to be one more thing on your TO DO list. Just sayin’. :-))


To give a bodily form to; incarnate.
To represent in bodily or material form.
To make part of a system or whole; incorporate.
(source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.)


What I most want to remember from today is how writing things down made me feel very positive about myself and my future.

Thalia Poulos

Owner, Organized Beautifully


* ALL NEW 2023 Gorgeous Grateful Heart Journal

* A private collection of Mandalas for you to download and color

* Opportunity to win


just for participating!

Some client thoughts and takeaways from their experience…

“I want to remember that it is ok to need help and support. I am not alone even though I may feel like I am at times.”

Ariana K.

Client Participant

“Debra is insightful, connected, and dedicated to ensuring the success of her clients. I am deeply appreciative to her for her passion, compassion, commitment, and wisdom. I recommend Debra Gettas highly to anyone looking for light from a dark place. Love and Peace.”

Lisane Basquiat

Owner, Transition Haven

“Thank you for showing me how to be peaceful, relaxed and creative.”

Kathleen C.


“I can get pulled away by serving others on a daily basis. The moments that I take time for myself restores me. It was great to share the experience with others on the conference call…A feel good experience to inspire action.”

Sue H.

Client Participant

“How very lucky and blessed I am.”

Fran M.



Will I actually get to learn directly from Debra?

Yes! This is not a self-study program where you go it alone. You will be in the company and community of other like-minded kindred Spirits and I will be your personal guide, step by step through the 7-Day Journey.

Will the LIVE event with Debra be recorded?

Yes. If you aren't able to join us LIVE for the Gratitude Ritual and Meditation Event because of a conflict in your schedule, you can listen and watch later it later at your convenience.

How much time will it require?

There is one daily gratitude prompt that is designed to be a quick 'n easy reflection for you to complete in 5 minutes or less. Beyond that, you can spend as little or as much time as you like responding to the prompt and coloring one portion of your chosen Mandala (optional). It’s up to you! Make the process work for you!

What if I want to cancel?

There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! I want you to feel nurtured and inspired as a result of being here. If for any reason you feel I don't deliver on my promise to you, just drop me an email me for a prompt refund.

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